The Power of Praise on Your Child’s Behavior

When it comes to children, they display a wide range of behaviors throughout each day. Some of these behaviors may be positive, others not so much. Just like with adults, a child’s behavior is dependent upon their feelings. Children may have little bodies but they have BIG feelings. Many times, they are unsure of how to handle these feelings. When this occurs, you are likely to notice a change in their behavior.

How to make a change in your child’s behavior?

So, now you may be thinking to yourself, “I know my child is having a temper tantrum every time their brother gets to choose the game we are going to play and they don’t. But HOW do I stop it from happening?!” My two big pieces of advice for parents are to utilize modeling and praise. Not only do you need to model positive behavior and how you handle stressful situations but you also need to model how to praise appropriately and allow your child to feel the after-effects of the praise.

How do you appropriately praise? Through process praise rather than person praise. In simple terms, person praise and simply praising a person for things they do not have control over such as their looks or specific character traits they may have while process praise praises someone for their drive and effort.

Want to make changes but don’t know how?

Don’t worry! I can help you! In my full article, The Power of Praise I provide multiple examples on how to change the way you praise your child. They are quick changes that you can make TODAY. It really is just a simple change to your mindset and the transformation you will see in your child’s behavior will blow you away. So, follow my link above to read more and let me know if you have any other questions or specific scenarios in the comments section below. I would love to help you!


I am a mommy, wife, and teacher who tries her best to enjoy every day as it comes. Even when it comes as a bag of lemons. My hope is that we can grow, learn, and laugh together through this crazy and amazing thing called mommyhood!

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  1. So true about modeling positive behavior and handling stressful situations in a good way. The kiddos sure do pick up on everything!!

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